How To Plan Your Mourne Mountains Engagement Shoot

There are a few things to consider when planning your Mourne Mountains engagement shoot. But don’t stress, I will be on hand to help you through the whole process.

Summit Or Valley?

One of the first things to consider is what type of photos do you want? This will determine so much when it comes to planning the shoot. Do you want the ‘epic summit top views’ or simply want to use the mountains as the perfect ‘backdrop’ for your photos. If you decide on this from the get go, then we can start making a detailed plan for the rest of the shoot. For example, if you want the ‘summit views’ then this would involve at least an hour long hike up into the mountains. However, if you plan to stay lower in the valleys, then you could be walking for as little as 15-20 minutes. Remember - you don’t always have to spend hours hiking to find an amazing spot in the mountains!

Do You Mind A Crowd?

Quite often, some of the best viewpoints in the Mournes are popular and busy. For some couples this won’t bother them. But if you prefer a little more privacy, it might be worth considering going off the beaten track a little (within reason - safety is always No1!) Having hiked the Mourne Mountains many times, I can certainly help you get to some of the best views they have to offer.

The Changing Seasons

It’s always good to think about what time of year you want to have your engagement shoot in as the mountains will look dramatically different from season to season. As will the weather!! If you want the best chances of colour, then late August is great when the heather is in full bloom. Check out Hollie & Dilip’s Mourne Mountains Engagement Shoot to see what I mean! Or how about Autumn as the bracken starts to change colour. Each season has its unique offering which makes for stunning engagement photos!

Wardrobe Change?

If you’re considering a ‘summit top view’ shoot which would involve at least an hour hiking, I would usually suggest wearing ‘comfortable hiking clothes’ for the hike up and doing an outfit change when we get to the shooting location. This way you don’t need to worry about dirtying our damaging your clothes on the hike up. Depending on the trail, it would also be wise to hike in proper hiking boots as some of the paths can either be muddy or quite loose under foot. Again, I can keep you right when it comes to packing for your shoot.

The Best Light For Your Mournes Engagement Shoot

As with any engagement shoot, whether it be in the mountains or on the coast, I prefer to shoot around golden hour. Golden hour is the first hour in the morning just after sunrise, and also the last hour in the evening just before sunset. The light is usually so much better during these times as the sun is lower in the sky and much softer and warmer which really helps to produce amazing photos. This is why I usually suggest planning your engagement shoot around these times. Trust me, when you get that golden light in the Mournes, your photos will look EPIC!

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