From the offset, we need to be really clear. HYBRID coverage does not replace full video coverage. They are not the same thing. If you have booked me as your wedding photographer and need full video coverage as well, then I’d love to recommend some amazing videographers that I love working with. 

So what exactly is HYBRID coverage then? 

Think of it like an upgrade to your Photography Collection. I am there primarily as your wedding photographer but throughout the day I will also be switching over to video and capturing shorter clips and moments that is then made into a Highlight Film. My aim is to seamlessly move between photo and video throughout the day, although there is definitely more of a focus or priority given to photos. 

HYBRID coverage is perfect for couples who are unsure of booking a videographer or who don’t feel comfortable having someone else with another camera following them around all day. For some couples the thought of having 2 or 3 cameras constantly pointed at them can be overwhelming – hybrid coverage is the exact opposite of this! It’s just me and my cameras. HYBRID coverage also appeals to couples who don’t need an hour long wedding film to relive their day, but rather want something much shorter and condensed that they will get excited about watching and re-watching and sharing with friends and family. 

The Highlight Films that I produce are shot in a very similar relaxed style to my wedding photography and so they compliment your photos perfectly. I aim to create beautiful wedding films that capture all the special moments from your wedding day. 

With HYBRID coverage, I don’t record full ceremonies or speeches, but may incorporate some audio from the ceremony if it suits the film. Each wedding is different. 

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