Weddings at Lissanoure Castle

Steven Hanna has had the opportunity to photograph many weddings at Lissanoure Castle.

Weddings at Lissanoure Castle Weddings at Lissanoure Castle

Weddings at Lissanoure Castle

Lissanoure Castle is a wedding venue in Northern Ireland at the foot of the Glens of Antrim, surrounded by lakes, parkland and woods. The earliest record of a castle situated at Lissanoure dates back to 1300 so this site is steeped in history and character. Lissanoure Castle is also private family home so, on your big day, there will only be you, your guests and the staff.

Here’s a selection of photographs from weddings at Lissanoure Castle that showcase the stunning location and surroundings.

IrishLandscape_0356 IrishLandscape_0355 IrishLandscape_0353

Lissanoure Castle is a beautiful location, providing the perfect setting for the perfect wedding photographs.

IrishLandscape_0352 IrishLandscape_0351

The inside give you a beautiful blank canvas which can be transformed for your big day. There is also plenty of parking available for your guests, and as mentioned above, you won’t be sharing your wedding with any other couples.

If you are planning your wedding at Lissanoure Castle or anywhere else in Northern Ireland and are looking for a photographer to capture your special day email and find out more about his wedding photography.

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