Coffee From Kenya

Two amazing coffees from Kenya are really standing out for me at the minute.

One of the most exciting things for me since discovering ‘speciality coffee’ has been the vast variety and differences between beans, roasting and brew methods.  These two beans are a great example.  Both beans are from Kenya, and both from the same region.  However, both are from different farms, have been processed differently and have also been roasted by two different coffee roasters from opposite sides of the Atlantic.  And the result?  Two amazing coffees that taste completely different.

Firstly, the Milepost from Red Rooster.  This is definitely one of the best coffees I’ve brewed this year, especially through the aeropress.  Think lemon ‘zestiness’ times 100 mixed with subtle hints of peach.  It’s amazing and using the aeropress made the flavours a lot more intense and full bodied than the v60.  Thanks to Philip Hatter for sending me this over!

Secondly, the Kieni AB from Coffee Collective.  I first tasted their coffee in Established and finally got around to ordering their Taster Pack.  This one really stood out because of it’s blackcurrant flavours, again brewed via the aeropress.

For anyone interested, here is the aeropress recipe I’m loving at the minute:


16.5g of coffee (fine grind)

230ml of water at 85 degrees C (I’m using Tesco Ashbeck water)

Pour 50g of water and allow to bloom for 30 seconds.  During this, I usually give a good stir with a bamboo paddle.

Pour the remain 180g of water slowly in a circular motion, aiming to finish pour at 1 minute.  Then stir slowly 5 times.

At 1:30, again stir slowly 5 times.

At 2:00, add filter (KohiLabs) and flip the aeropress over and give a good swirl to prevent any grounds sticking to the rubber plunger.

At 2:15, push down hard for a few seconds and then push the rest nice and slow, aiming to hear the ‘hiss’ at 3:00.  

Pat yourself on the back.  Pour and enjoy!


speciality coffee from coffee collective and red rooster roasters






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